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soo…apparently wordpress is banned in china once again. It was banned along with a few other sites, even youtube, ahead of the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre, therefore I am still not sure if it’s unblocked now. which I strongly doubt. I am looking for a way to overcome the banns, but have no idea if the programs still work. and I need to look for a new save blog. yay for me!


Posted on: July 14, 2009


First of all I’ll introduce myself. I am studying sinology and economics at the university of Frankfurt. My chinese name is Li JiaYue, but I won’t post my real name here since well..privacy and all that stuff.

anyways, I will be spending six months studying in Beijing so this will be my new China blog (which is hopefully not blocked over there or I will have to look for a new one). If everything goes well, I will be flying to Beijing on 26.08. This blog will be about China, chinese food, language and everyday’s life.
Right now we are preparing for Beida and upcoming exams therefore I am too busy to blog too often Photobucket but I hope I will find enough time once I am in Beijing.

I am looking forward to experience China and blog about it!Photobucket


我叫李佳悦!我是德国人,我也是俄罗斯人。 我在法兰克福大学学习汉语和经济。八月我要到去北京!这是我的中国旅行的blog。我汉语说得还不好所以我只会翻译一点儿。


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